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Established in the summer of 2018. Stay Litt is an art and literacy collective dedicated to cultivating creativity and literacy in communities of color.


Artistic Souls

Established by siblings, Briauna and Simpu Mckizzie in the summer of 2018, Stay Litt is an art and literacy collective dedicated to cultivating creativity and academic enrichment  in communities  of color. We do this work by hosting book clubs, writing workshops, readings, and live performances. The collective is made up of talented and philanthropic artists of color. 

Our services are important because they enrich and empower people of color in a world where they experience significant barriers to realizing their dreams and accessing educational resources.

Your donations help the collective host  these academic events and artistic performances that employ  artists and teachers of color in a society that statistically continues to underemploy minority workers. 

By choosing to financially support us, you also enable us to offer free and sliding scale tutoring services to children of color who receive less attention and support in schools due to systemic oppression. Finally, your donations will be used to purchase the necessary registration and certification fees.

Thank you so much for being interested in our work. We appreciate your time, energy, and your emotional and financial support. We couldn’t do it without you.



Creating a Better World

We strive to cultivate art, community, and literacy in communities of color.

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Paint Brushes


Inspiration and Creativity

Whether you're a painter, photographer, writer, academic, or dancer, we want to share space with you by promoting your work, collaborating on projects or giving you a space to teach your craft!

We are people of colored centered, and while the artistic work of our allies is important, valued, and appreciated, we live in a world where artists of color are still under-recognized and under-appreciated. With that in mind, the members of our collective will continue to grow by adding other artists of color to the family. 


Portland, OR, USA

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